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It all starts out when Kurama, as Shuuichi Minamino, has hordes of girls chasing after him. (Not to mention he has his very own fan club.) He just wants some peace and quiet. Solution? Make everyone think he has a girlfriend...

Author's Note: This fic was inspired by the K+B website. Unfortunately, it's incomplete. *winces* I haven't written a new part in a long time...

[ Not Complete | Romance/Action/Adventure | Last Updated: January 2000 ]

[ Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 ]

A Matter of Trust and Other Drabbles

A collection of drabbles written for the yyh100 Live Journal community. Drabbles will mostly focus on character study, with the occasional romance or action/adventure. Pairings that I tend to favor: Yusuke x Keiko, Kurama x Botan, Kuwabara x Yukina. More drabbles will be added as I complete them.

[ Complete - more to come | General | Last Updated: July 2008 ]

[ Collection 01 | Collection 02 posted on Fanfiction.Net ]

Collection 03:
  1. Rock, Meet Dumber Than - October 2010 *new*

Seed of Emotion

Kurama x Botan. A "missing" scene from the end of manga ch. 24 or anime ep. 8 where Botan does something unexpected - and Kurama realizes that Hiei was right.

[ Complete - more to come? | Friendship | Last Updated: February 2010 ]

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