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Fanfic update! You can find the links on the Writing > Naruto page or just click here to read: Ten Defining Moments - part 9


I finished a new cosplay costume. For pictures and details, see Hinata Hyuuga (Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den). Enjoy!


I updated the cosplay page of Hikaru Shidou (Autozam version) with new costume photos!


I just got back from Fanime 2009 where I debuted a new costume! For pictures and details of the costume, see Princess Mercury. For pictures and a brief report of the convention, see my Fanime 2009 Convention Report. Enjoy!


I finished a new cosplay costume and remade another one. For pictures and details, see Princess Chibi-Usa and Hyuuga Hinata. Enjoy!


I have two fanfic updates: Falling and chapter 5 of A Delicate Condition. Happy reading!


I keep forgetting to update this website! ^_^;; I wrote a new Naruto fanfic last month: Valentine's Day - a One Small Step Omake


I made Naruto's new cloak from chapter 430 of the Naruto manga. Want to see it? ^_^ Click here.


Happy New Year! I'm finally cleaning out my cosplay closet and selling a few of my costumes on eBay. I'm a bit sad to part with them. But I don't plan to wear them anymore since I usually make new costumes for the conventions that I attend. (Plus, the money will help pay for my new laptop. ^_^)

For Sale: Tenten, Miaka Yuuki, Hikaru Shidou (school uniform), and Hikaru Shidou (Autozam version)

Please check out my eBay listings! Thanks for looking! The auctions will end on Wednesday morning (1/21/2009).


New fanfic updates! You can find the links on the Writing > Naruto page or just click here to read: For Every Season.

I also updated A Delicate Condition with two new chapters back in November but forgot to make the announcement here: Chapter 3 and Chapter 4


New fanfic! It's another Naruto fanfic because I'm addicted. Haha. ^_^ You can find the links on the Writing page or just click here to read: 67 Percent - chapter 1.


I have a fanfic update! You can find the links on the Writing page or just click here to read: A Delicate Condtion - chapter 2.

I should update my website more often. I actually finished that chapter over two weeks ago. ^_^;


I have fanfic updates! You can find the links on the Writing page or just click here to read: One Small Step - chapter 9A - and A Delicate Condtion - chapter 1.


I just got back from SacAnime. It was fun! You can read all about it here. I finally got around to updating this website with some of my anime convention reports. The links are up ont the Cosplay > Conventions page here.


I uploaded 2 new pictures of my Kurenai costume: here & here.

I started another Naruto fanfic. Read it on Fanfiction.Net: A Delicate Condition - Prologue.


OMG! I just received more gift art from the artist who made the fan comic of chapter 1 of "One Small Step"! He sent me a fan comic of chapter 2! It's amazing! So pretty! See it here.

Oh! I almost forgot. I wrote a short Naruto fanfic for fun the other day. And I'm surprised at all of the positive responses I've gotten for it! It's received 38 reviews in the less than 5 days on Fanfiction.Net. It's called, "A Push in the Right Direction." See the Writing > Naruto page for a link to the fic.


The artist who made the fan comic of chapter 1 of "One Small Step" colored it and he says he's already working on making a comic of chapter 2! How cool is that? You can see the colored version here. He just made my entire year!


Chapter 8 of "One Small Step" was completed 3 weeks ago. I just added the links to my Writing > Naruto page.

OMG! I just received my first gift art for "One Small Step" and I am in awe. The artist - who wants to remain anonymous - did an amazing job! Go look! It's a fan comic of the first chapter.


Just for fun, I wrote three drabbles for the yyh100 Live Journal community last night (and this morning). I finally have enough drabbles to update my collection! Half of the drabbles focus on the pair: Yusuke x Keiko. You can read them on the Writing > Yu Yu Hakusho page.


Chapter 8 of "Ten Defining Moments" is complete. Check it out on the Writing > Naruto page.


So I'm back from Fanime 2008. It was fun! I've added more pictures of my Kurenai costume here.

I also made costumes for both my son and my daughter. My son was Naruto Uzumaki and my daughter was Hinata Hyuuga. Both of them are very cute!

I am currently working on the next chapter of "One Small Step."


I will be attending Fanime 2008 in just a few days! This will be my first convention in three years. I've made a new costume for it. I'm cosplaying as Kurenai-sensei from the Naruto anime. ^_^ More pictures will come after Fanime. Check it out here!

Oh! I almost forgot. Chapter 7 of "One Small Step" and chapter 7 of "Ten Defining Moments" have been posted on Fanfiction.Net and on Live Journal. After I get back from Fanime, I'll work on chapter 8 of "One Small Step." The links to both chapters are on the Writing > Naruto page.


Even more writing from me! The story is titled "Ten Defining Moments." It's another cute, fluffy Naruto fanfic. Check it out on the Writing > Naruto page.


Woah! I can't believe it's been almost two years since I last updated this website! My son will be two years old in June. Having two kids is a lot of work!!! Time sure flies. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll make more updates. Lately, I've just been posting stuff about my hobbies on Live Journal - because it's just more convenient.

My current project is a new fanfic. Yes! I'm writing again! It's my first foray into the Naruto fandom. The story is titled "One Small Step." It's received plenty of positive reviews both on Live Journal and on FanFiction.net. So check it out! Writing > Naruto


I updated my Other Projects page with a Halloween costume: Godzilla


I updated my Other Projects page with a project I finished early this year: tote bags


I updated my Other Projects page with a project I finished in October 2003. I'm not sure why it took me so long to put this up... probably because it was a pretty boring, mundane project: aprons


Wow. It's been such a long time since I updated! I can't believe how quickly time flies. I've been so busy working on multiple projects, that I haven't had any time to update this website.

The BIG news is that I'm having another baby! I'm so excited; I can hardly wait! The baby is due in June. What this means in terms of future projects and updates is this: updates after June will be sporadic. In fact, don't expect any updates between June 2006 and January 2007. Babies require a lot of time and energy! So I won't have the time or energy to work on projects until the baby is a little older.

Enough about me! On to the fun stuff! The cosplay page has been updated with a new costume: Coco - Christmas Version. Check it out!


You guys will never believe this. I updated my Writing page! After 5 years, I actually wrote something new! For those who have been following my Live Journal, I've just a compiled all of my yyh100 drabbles. You've seen them all already. But for everyone else, go read: A Matter of Trust and Other Drabbles


I updated the Miaka Yuuki page with new photos of that costume. My hair is finally long enough for Miaka's hairstyle. (My baby ended up in a few pictures, too!)


I finally got the chance to wear my Tenten costume at Ani-Magic. I updated the Tenten page with new photos taken by Eurobeat King and Consplayers.


I just got back from Ani-Magic 2005. The convention sucked, but I had fun hanging out with my friends. (You can see my Live Journal for my thoughts on this convention.) And I did have fun cosplaying! I completed a new costume: Princess Saturn.


I finally finished my Sakura Shinguji costume from Sakura Taisen. It debuted at the Sacramento Anime and Manga Show this weekend. The best part? I won 2nd place in the costume contest! ^_^


Updated the links page.


So many updates this month! I'm really on a roll. ^_^ There's one new fanart based on the Naruto anime in the art gallery: A Nejiten Moment


There's a new costume on the Completed Cosplay page. Check out Coco from the Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch anime!


I was very busy in May. It was a crazy month! In short, I had 2 parties (one of which I hosted for a family member) and I went to Fanime 2005! Yay! It was kind of a last minute decision to go. So I was rushing to complete a new costume for a cosplay group that I was going to be a part of. I'll have pictures of it later.

The main news for today is this: I have a new Live Journal!


Uploaded new pictures of the Tenten costume.


I finished up the Tenten costume. Yay! Please forgive the poor photos; indoor lighting isn't fattering! I'll have better pictures later.


Photos we took at the park last weekend. Also, I plan to do a little bit of writing this week. Hopefully, I can get over this writing funk of mine.


It's been a while since the last update. My baby has been keeping me very busy. She's growing so fast! We took a few photos at the park last weekend. I don't have time right now, but I'll post a few of them tomorrow. Sadly, I haven't had much time lately for writing or cosplay. But I managed to squeeze a few hours in and worked on both a Tenten costume and a Sailor Saturn costume. They're both incomplete so you can see them on the In Progress page.

You know... I really need to stop starting on new projects until I finish some of the other stuff I've been working on!


I have a new costume! Asuka Soryu-Langley, yellow dress version, from Neon Genesis Evangelion is now on the Completed cosplay page. This costume is on SALE. Please email if interested.


Wow. It's been 9 months since my last update. I've be had to put most of my hobbies on hold because of Real Life - I've hardly been online. In Real Life, I'm a new mom! My baby's keeping me very busy - but she's so worth it. Future updates will be sporadic because of her. Okay... enough about me... you want to know about the updates, right?

I've updated the About Me page (where you'll find a picture of my baby) and added a new section the the Cosplay page called Other Projects. I plan to showcase my other costuming/craft projects there. So check it out.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who's signed my guestbook. Thank you - you know who you are! The people who've signed the guestbook either comment on my cosplay or my fan fiction. To everyone who's anxiously waiting for the next chapter of Masquerade: I'm working on it! Really! I will update it, I just don't know when. Sorry for the wait!


Happy New Year! I've been really busy lately, so I haven't had the chance to update in a while. Oops! I added a new cosplay art to the Art Gallery page. The cosplay art is titled Typical School Uniform. It's a boring name. Sue me.


I added a new costume to the In Progress page. This month I've been working on Maria Tachibana from Sakura Wars. It's in progress, but I have a few pictures of the finished jacket.


I uploaded a few pictures of my Sakura Shinguji costume from Sakura Wars. It's in progress, but the jacket is finished! I also uploaded a new pictures of my Umi Ryuuzaki costume - also in progress (95% complete).


New fanart! I drew a new fanart based on a Gundam Wing fanfic: Eternity in His Hand. The fanart is called Relena, Rose Bride.


I'm back from Anime Expo 2003! It was so much fun! Updates: I wrote a short convention report and uploaded a few pictures that we took at the con. Report and picture links are here.


I added a new costume to my cosplay gallery! Check out my Relena costume (from Gundam Wing). In just a few days, I'll be wearing this at Anime Expo 2003!


I added a new costume to my cosplay gallery! Check out the Galaxy Police uniform I made for my friend!


I added a new costume to my cosplay gallery! Check out my Card Captor Sakura Pyjamas!


I added a new costume to my cosplay gallery! Check out my Hikaru costume!


I added a new costume to my cosplay gallery! Check out my Miaka outfit! Just a note: My costumes tend to bypass the In-Progress state. They usually move directly from the Future state (or the Not-Even-On-The-Drawing-Board state) to the Completed state. Inspiration is fickle thing. ^_^

Oops. It took 3 months for me to update this website. But future updates should occur much more frequently! In fact, I have a new costume in the works that's about 95% complete. I will be posting pictures in the next few days.


What's new? Literally everything! Welcome to the Grand Opening of Dragon Illusions version 1.0! Please check it out!

I've always wanted a personal website dedicated to all my hobbies and interests. So I finally got around to making one! I hope you have fun checking out all my pages.

Send questions, comments, and feedback to shawnywong@yahoo.com

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