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Completed: October 2005
Worn at: Halloween 2005

This was a Halloween costume I made for my daughter. At the time, she was too young to grasp the concept of Halloween, let alone choose a costume! So my husband decided on a costume for her. He thought she would be adorable as a little Godzilla - especially since she's loves tearing apart our house and making her mommy and daddy pick up after her. It doesn't matter how clean and neat everything is in the morning. By evening, it looks like a hurricane went through it.

Somehow, it wouldn't surprise me if she does have Godzilla DNA in her! She's certainly destructive enough! ^_^

Besides, my husband thought it would be cute to call her "Chub-zilla" - because she was so chubby at the time! I even picked up iron-on letters to spell "Chub-zilla" on the front of her costume. But we didn't end up using them.

I used Simplicity Pattern #4460.

The costume is made of faux suede - and must be dry cleaned. But that's okay. She'll only wear it once before she outgrows it! My favorite part of this costume is the little tail. It wags behind her as she walks!

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