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Completed: 90% - July 2003
Worn at: N/A

Umi Ryuuzaki is one of the 3 main characters from Magic Knights Rayearth. She's on the fencing team and bakes desserts. She appears a bit vain and self-centered, but she really cares about her friends!

This is the 3rd Magic Knight Rayearth costume that I am making. The other 2 are already complete.

To-date, it's probably the most daring thing I'll wear in public (besides swimsuits at the pool or the beach). This costume doesn't leave much to the imagination - a lot of skin is going to show! But I think that's part of the appeal of this costume. It'll be fun to dress like a total babe. (Umi is so pretty.) ^_^ I just hope I don't chicken out at the last minute!

The top is made of blue spandex, trimmed with gold bias. The little dangling beads are made of modeling clay and spray-painted gold. The skirt is made out of ice blue baroque satin.

I'm hoping that this costume will motivate me to workout more. I'm not overweight, but if I want to look good in it, I'll have to firm up and loose a few pounds. Off to the gym I go!

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