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Completed: February 2009
Worn at: N/A

Naruto Uzumaki is the main character of the Naruto anime (obviously). The Naruto anime is a great series. It has action, comedy, and a tiny bit of romance. All the young ninjas in Naruto are people to admire. They work hard to achieve their dreams and to protect their village.

Naruto is loud and brash, but he has a good heart. His dream is to become the Hokage, a title that is given to the strongest ninja and the leader of his village.

The cloak is made from 100% cotton twill. It is fully lined and machine washable. This costume was easy to make - except for the black flame applique. I drew the pattern for the applique freehand. Then I experimented with different applique techiniques on scrap fabrics. I used a satin stitch over the edge of the black flames. It was a very time consuming process!

In manga chapter 430 (which was released in Janauary 2009), Naruto comes back from training with a new red-and-black-flame cloak worn over his regular orange-and-black outfit. His new look is really cool, IMO. So I had to make that cloak! ^_^

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Source: Naruto manga, chapter 430

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