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Completed: April 2005
Worn at: Ani-Magic 2005

If you haven't heard of Naruto, where have you been hiding? Under a rock? Naruto is an anime about ninjas. The main character is a young ninja named Naruto (obviously). It's a great series. It has action, comedy, a tiny bit of romance. All the young ninjas in Naruto are people to admire. They work hard to achieve their dreams and to protect their village. I love Naruto to pieces. *happy sigh*

Tenten is one of the female ninjas in Naruto. Unfortunately, she doesn't get much attention in the anime. As Naruto is a boys anime, most of the focus is on the boys in the series, not on the girls. Which is a shame, because I think she's got great potential. Her specialty is in long-range weapons.

This costume was ridiculously easy to make. The top is made of machine washable satin (from Joann's Prom Collection). You gotta love those easy care fabrics! The pants are made of navy microfiber that I had lying around. The holster on her leg has a velcro closure. (I love costumes that come with storage space!) I bought the kunai and ninja forehead protector from eBay. The shoes started life as a pair of sandals. A little bit of blue fabric and some Fabri-Tac adhesive... and Tah-Dah!... I have my own pair of ninja shoes. ^_^

Best of all this costume is very easy to wear and very comfortable!

The most difficult part of this costume is styling the hair. Luckily, my own hair is long enough for this. But still... ugh! I'm thinking about purchasing extensions for my hair, so I can make her buns "fuller".

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