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Completed: September 2005
Worn at: Ani-Magic 2005

I love Sailor Moon. I remember watching it with my sisters when it aired on TV back when I was in high school. We thought it was the best show ever. Even now that I'm older - having outgrown Sailor Moon - I find I still have a soft spot for it. So when the Brilliant Moon cosplay group was casting for members, I applied for Saturn. I've always wanted to cosplay from Sailor Moon!

For Brilliant Moon's first debut as a cosplay group, we chose the Senshi Princess dresses. These dresses never made it to the anime. But they can be found in one of the Sailor Moon artbooks. Here is a picture of all the Senshi Princesses.

I made the purple dress by modifying an evening gown pattern. It's made out of a crepe-back satin and is fully lined. The dress cape is just a sheer chiffon attached via 4 pretty purple buttons - so the dress cape is removeable and doubles as a wrap! I bought and dyed the gloves. It was the first time I'd ever tried dying anything. I really like how they came out! I don't really have much to say about this costume, in terms of construction notes. It's probably the easiest costume I've ever made!

Tiffany, the founder of Brilliant Moon, made all our necklaces. Thanks, Tiffany!

To be honest, I'm surprised at all the positive responses I've gotten for this costume. I never expected people to like it so much! Especially, when you consider the simplicity of the costume. I guess Sailor Moon is still super popular with everyone even after all this time!

Funny Story: For some reason, I've had a lot of trouble taking good pictures of the costume. Whenever I tried to take pictures, something would invariably go wrong. My wig was askew. My baby interrupted the photo session. The lighting was bad, so the photos were dark/grainy. The lighting was too bright, so the photos were just a blob of light. My dress cape fell off.... ARGH!

It wasn't easy, but I finally did get some halfway decent pictures.

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Reference images taken from Manga Style.

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