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Completed: June 2001
Worn at: Anime Expo 2001 and Halloween 2001

Rinoa Heartily is the main female character of Final Fantasy VIII. To be honest, I've never played the game. I'm not really into video games. I just love all Final Fantasy character designs!

I decided to cosplay as Rinoa for several reasons:

  1. She's beautiful. Who wouldn't want to pretend to be her for a day?
  2. This was my first costume - and I needed something simple to make. After all, her costume design isn't very complex.
  3. I had the perfect pair of boots to wear with the costume!

I bought the tank top, but made everything else.

Making this costume was a real learning experience! I was still a newbie at sewing. This was my first real sewing project. By the time this costume was complete, I was much, much better than when I started! Well, I should have been. I remade this costume 3 times before I was satisfied.

I'm still not really happy with it because it's not 100% accurate. Rinoa's light blue robe is supposed to be made with a ribbed knit fabric. But I counldn't find any ribbed knit in that color, so my robe is made out of a woven fabric. *sigh* Someday I may remake it.

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Pros & Cons:

I loved cosplaying as Rinoa. Unfortunately, my boots were new - I hadn't broken them in yet. After 3 hours of walking around at the con, my feet were killing me. I don't take pain very well and started snapping at everyone around me. *winces* According to my husband, I was turning into a "psycho bitch from hell". Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and changed out my costume and back into my very comfortable sneakers. Thank goodness!

Moral of the story: Make sure your costume has comfortable footwear. You do a lot of walking around at any anime convention. So make sure you break in your shoes beforehand!

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