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Completed: May 2009
Worn at: Fanime 2009

I love Sailor Moon. I remember watching it with my sisters when it aired on TV back when I was in high school. We thought it was the best show ever. Even now that I'm older - having outgrown Sailor Moon - I find I still have a soft spot for it. So when the Brilliant Moon cosplay group was casting for members, I joined in 2005 as Saturn.

In 2009, I joined again as Mercury. This dress was an artbook only design from the 4th Sailor Moon artbook; it never made it to the anime or manga, so it's a bit obscure. Here is a picture of all the Senshi Princesses.

This was seriously one of the easiest costumes I've ever made. It's basically a simple evening dress, so there was very little pattern modification required. (Modifying patterns is one of the hardest parts of making a costume.) The dress is made from satin and is fully lined. The jewel accessories on the shoulder straps are made from plain wood buttons that were painted gold and blue acrylic gems.

For more detailed construction notes and work-in-progress pictures, see the following Live Journal entries:

1. mock-up of bodice
2. breast armor
3. base dress almost complete
4. base dress and wig
5. the complete costume

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Reference images taken from Manga Style.

Costume Photos:

Fanime 2009:

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