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Maria Tachibana is one of the main characters in Sakura Wars. She's a member of the Imperial Flower Troupe, a group a young girls who fight demons with their spiritual energy. She's a very strong character. In fact, in the absence of Captain Ichiro Ohgami, she's the de facto Captain and leader of the team.

So far, I've only seen the Sakura Wars OVAs. I haven't seen the TV series yet. The soundtrack for the Sakura OVA is awesome - especially the main theme song.

Why I picked this costume: I really like the black and gold colors of her uniform. Of all the girls, I like her uniform best. Plus, after having made Sakura's pink and gold jacket, this one was a piece of cake!

So far, I've finished the jacket. It's made of black gabardine and trimmed with gold bias tape. The jacket is fully lined.

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