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Completed: July 2009
Worn at: Undecided

Hinata Hyuuga is a shy girl who has a crush on Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the Naruto anime. The Naruto anime is a great series. It has action, comedy, and a tiny bit of romance. All the young ninjas in Naruto are people to admire. They work hard to achieve their dreams and to protect their village.

Hinata has always been one of my favorite characters from Naruto. She's shy, sweet, loyal, and stronger than she thinks she is! Plus, she's cute. (^_^) I've wanted to cosplay her for a long time. But I wanted to do something a little different than her normal timeskip outfit. So I chose her "date" dress from the 2nd Naruto Shippuden ending and from the Naruto Shippu! Konoha Gakuen Den special. In the special, Konoha is a modern day high school and all the ninjas are either students or teachers at the school.

This outfit is a bit obscure. Only die hard Hinata fans will recognize it, I think. ^_^;

This was an easy costume to make. The only difficult part was appliqueing the triangle design to the shoulder straps, belt straps, and armbands. There were MANY triangles! It took a very looong time! Sooo tedious!

For more detailed construction notes and work-in-progress pictures, see the following Live Journal entries:

1. experimenting with triangles
2. one shoulder strap
3. triangle straps complete
4. base dress complete
5. the complete costume

Since the only reference images of this dress are in black and white, I chose a dark purple and lavender color scheme. Inuyatta of Live Journal helped me purchase the fabric for this costume. &hearts

Reference Pictures:

Costume Photos:

Double Hinata Fun:

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