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Completed: March 2002
Worn at: Anime Expo 2003 (and at Sakura-Con 2009 by Etaru)

Hikaru Shidou is one of the 3 main characters from Magic Knights Rayearth. She's loyal to her friends and has the biggest heart. Sometimes she can be a bit too impulsive!

I made this costume for my baby sister. I wanted to pick a series with 3 female leading characters, so that my sisters and I could cosplay together. That's why I picked Magic Knights Rayearth.

I chose Hikaru for my baby sister because she's the shortest! Hikaru is the shortest Magic Knight and always gets mistaken for someone younger.

The costume has 6 main parts:

  1. burgundy tank top
  2. asymmetrical capelet
  3. overskirt
  4. petticoats
  5. leggings (different lengths)
  6. utility belt with working pouches

I also made a pair of shorts out of pink spandex (the same material as the leggings) to go with the costume. This costume is for my baby sister, and that skirt is short! I'm not going to have my baby sister flashing anyone!

The hardest part of making this costume was all that yellow trim! The yellow trim is made of yellow bias tape. Bias is always difficult to work with (for me, at least).

The costume also comes with a utility belt with working pouches. I think this is the best part of the costume! Most of the time, it's difficult to carry keys, wallets, and other stuff when you're in a costume. (Most costumes don't come with pockets!) But this one has 4 working pouches for my sister to carry her stuff. ^_^

I'm such a procrastinator! The headpiece and the shoe covers were completed the 2 nights before Anime Expo 2003. And I bought the white gloves the day before the convention!

Sadly, I never got to cosplay with my sister. Too many conflicting Real Life events made that impossible. In the end, I wore this costume once (to Anime Expo 2003). Then in January 2009, I sold it to another cosplayer, Etaru Kaumoto. It was sold without the accessories (i.e. without leggings, shoe covers, or head piece) because by that time, I had alreay either lost the accessories or salvaged them for use in other costumes.

Etaru made her own wig and accessories. She wore the costume to Sakura-Con 2009. And she was sweet enough to send me pictures! &hearts

Reference Pictures:

Costume Photos:

Etaru at Sakura-Con 2009:

Cosplayer: Etaru Kaumoto
Costume made by Shawny Wong.
Costume wig and accessories made by Etaru Kaumoto.

Additional photos of Etaru as Hikaru by Photographer LJinto

Pros & Cons:

My baby sister decided to go to Europe summer of 2003 - which meant that she couldn't go to Anime Expo with us. *sadness* So in the end, I wore this costume instead. I had a lot of fun in it. A lot of people kept asking me "Where are you from?"

The first time someone asked me this, I had a ditzy moment. I replied, "Sacramento?"

Oops! They wanted to know what anime I was from, since this isn't one of Hikaru's common outfits. A lot of people kept telling me "I know I've seen you somewhere before... I just can't remember where!" It was kind of cool.

There were 2 things I disliked about this costume:

  1. the headband was too tight. After a few hours, it started to give me a major headache.
  2. hot! Turtlenecks are not meant for 80+ degree weather. I spent most of my time hiding indoors where it was nice and air conditioned!

Moral of the story: Make sure you don't make your headpieces too tight. You'll regret it. Also, make sure you're costume is appropriate for the weather!

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