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Completed: March 2003
Worn at: Anime Expo 2003

Hikaru Shidou is one of the 3 main characters from Magic Knights Rayearth. She's loyal to her friends and has the biggest heart. Sometimes she can be a bit too impulsive!

This is one of those costumes that I was just inspired to make! In other words, I was bored and decided to do something new. ^_^ I chose Hikaru because she's just so cute. Plus, her school uniform is red and black - my 2 favorite colors!

The costume has 5 main parts:

  1. red jacket with white cuffs
  2. white blouse with round sailor collar
  3. black pleated skirt
  4. white bow
  5. red socks

The jacket and skirt are made of gabardine - a very nice suit material. The jacket is fully lined. The blouse is made of cotton pique. The bow is made of crepe back satin. Everything except the bow is machine washable.

The bow is actually supposed to be a tie/scarf that you tie into a bow underneath the collar. But whenever I try it, the collar bunches up unattractively. So in the end, I made a bow - not a tie/scarf - and attached it to the blouse with 2 snap buttons. This way, the bow can be easily removed before washing.

Since I had extra fabric - the gabardine was on sale! - I made 2 copies of this costume. One is for myself. The other has been auctioned off on eBay.

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