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Completed: May 2003
Worn at: Fanime 2003 and Anime Expo 2003

The Galaxy Police enforce laws and capture criminals in the universe of Tenchi Muyo. In fact, 2 of the main characters (Kiyone and Mihoshi) are GP.

I made this costume for Howard, a friend of mine. He's a large guy - so choosing a character for him to cosplay was hard. (Fewer characters match his body type.) He decided he wanted to cosplay as a "Mr. Mihoshi" aka as a male GP officer. It was a real challenge finding good reference pictures! Male GP officers don't appear often in Tenchi Muyo.

I've worked on this costume on and off since Febuary. *laughs* I'll bet Howard thought I was never going to finish it - let alone in time for Anime Expo! I'm very pleased with the way it came out.

The costume consists of:

  1. uniform jacket - fully lined
  2. red/navy tie
  3. navy belt

All Howard needs to complete the costume are a pair of grey slacks, white gloves, and black boots. They can be easily purchased if he doesn't have them already.

The uniform jacket was the most time consuming, considering it's multi-colored complexity. I hated, loathed, and despised those sleeves! Whose bright idea was it to make them three colors? I had to redo the sleeve pattern 3 times to get them right. Ugh! Have I mentioned I hated those sleeves? Although, in the end, they came out very well. The jacket fastens with snap buttons.

The red/navy tie and navy belt were a walk in the park compared to the jacket. Although the "tie" is actually a faux tie. The red knot and navy extensions are permanently sewn and worn like a bow tie. The navy belt has elastic in the back, to make guarantee a good fit. The stylized GP belt buckle is a slip-cover that goes over the actual belt buckle.

Reference Pictures:

GP officers, a group picture

Costume Photos:

Unfortunately, the costume appears baggy on the dressform.
The dressform is a S-M. The costume is an XL.

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