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Completed: November 2001
Worn at: Anime Expo 2003

Fuu Hououji is one of the 3 main characters from Magic Knights Rayearth. She's very smart and is usually the voice of reason.

I made this costume, but it's not for me. You see, it's no fun cosplaying by yourself. I cosplayed by myself at Anime Expo 2001 - and while it was cool, I wished my friends had decided to cosplay, too. *sigh*

Then I was struck by inspiration! If I made costumes for my sisters, then the 3 of us could cosplay together! Brilliant - if I do say so myself. ^_^ That's why I decided to make this costume for my sister. The character fits her perfectly! My sister is smart, quiet-spoken, and wears glasses - just like Fuu.

The costume has 4 main parts:

  1. sleeveless dress with mandarin collar
  2. top with ying-yang symbol
  3. drawstring pants
  4. big black bow

It's made out of costume silk - which is very slinky. Silk may feel great against skin, but it's very hard to work with since it won't hold still. I finally had to use a fabric stabilizer on it. The hardest part of making this costume was the ying-yang symbol on the front. I thought sewing a straight line was hard. But that's nothing compared to sewing a perfect circle!

I purposely made the black bow much smaller than in the reference pictures. This is so my sister can move around more easily. Can you imagine how difficult it would be squeeze through crowds at a convention with a giant bow on your back?

Reference Pictures:

Costume Photos:

I don't have any pictures of my sister modeling this costume yet. But here are a few pictures of the costume itself.

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