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Completed: December 2005
Worn at: TBD

For more information on Coco, see my original Coco costume.

I made this costume to wear at JTAF3 (Japantown Anime Fair 3) - which was held in San Francisco December 17, 2005. It was perfect for the Christmas holidays! 2 of the other girls from Cosplay Oneesan and I were going to JTAF in our respective mermaid Christmas outfits. Unfortunately, I never made it. The day before JTAF, I was involved in an auto accident. (Rear-ended while exiting the freeway.) Luckily, no one was seriously injured. But the accident ruined my plans for the holidays!

The dress was made of stretch, crushed velvet - provided by our green mermaid, Rina. The fur trim was dyed to match our mermaid colors by our purple mermaid, Caren. The nice thing about working with stretch, crushed velvet is that this fabric doesn't fray! There's no unravelling involved. So I cheated a bit: took a short cut and didn't finish the seams. Also, this was my first time styling a wig. Granted, it's a very simple style. But we've all got to start somewhere, right?

This set of costumes was a team effort between the 3 of us. Rina worked on the dress pattern. Caren worked on the dye for our fur trim and pompoms. I made the leg warmers (aka boot covers) and Santa hats for all of us. It was fun working with them - although we had some trouble coordinating our schedules!

Technically, this costume is not 100% complete. I'm missing the dyed-to-match yellow pompoms. Caren still has them.

I hope to wear it at a future Christmas event. At the very least, I'd like to get a photo session with Rina and Caren in our Christmas outfits. We shall see.

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Reference image provided by Rina. Source: MMPPP Calendar

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