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Completed: May 2005
Worn at: Fanime 2005

I made this costume for a cosplay group: Cosplay Oneesan. Before I joined Cosplay Oneesan, I'd never even heard of Coco!

Cosplay Oneesan is a Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch (or MMPPP) group. If you're not familiar with it (I wasn't!) - MMPPP is about 7 mermaids that have human form. Each mermaid has a colored pearl that gives them their powers. They can defeat their enemies by singing. (Yes, it's a cheesy magical girls anime. But it's cute!). The Cosplay Oneesan website has more information about MMPPP.

We had a musical skit planned for Fanime. I was Coco - they yellow mermaid. It was a lot of hard work - not only making the costume, but learning to sing the songs in Japanese, learning the group dances, and practicing the skit, too! But I had a lot of fun with it.

I spent 50 hours on the costume (excluding the time it took to design the pattern) and about 20-30 hours on the pattern. Mostly, it was the skirt and the V-shape that was giving me problems. The skirt took forever to pattern correctly because I wanted it to be a box pleat skirt, but with extra fullness. I love how this costume came out. But while I was working on it, I hated it. The skirt was a pain. The ruffles needed to be gathered, not too much but not too little. The "fins" on the boots and gloves took 24 fabric pieces and needed a LOT of hand stitching. The orange "snail" waistband was attached by hand, too. Details! Details! Details!

I had help with this costume. Luchia (our pink mermaid) styled all our wigs. Caren (our purple mermaid) made my shell locket. Hanon (our aqua mermaid) made all our back bows and watches. And my sister does beading and makes jewelry. So she helped me with the earings. The single most expensive item was the microphone. It's the official MMPPP e-kara microphone imported from Japan - and cost $80. The things I do for cosplay...

Unfortunately, yellow's not my color. And the wig looks very unnatural on me. I'd like to try a more natural looking blonde wig next time. I'd also like to try different make-up - to try and make yellow look a little better on me!

My favorite aspect: We looked like a rainbow!

Reference Pictures:

Reference images taken from Daisy - a Coco Fanlisting. The Coco figure I used as a model was borrowed from Hanon.

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Costume Photos by Consplayers.com:

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