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Completed: October 2009, March 2010
Worn at: Halloween 2009, planned for Fanime 2010

I started watching Shugo Chara with my daughter in Fall 2009. We both love the series. My daughter's still too young to read the subtitles, but she enjoys it anyways! The animation is beautifully done.

"All kids holds an egg in their soul, the egg of our hearts, our would-be selves, yet unseen..."

That's premise of Shugo Chara. Every child has his/her own heart's egg that represents their dreams and potential. Amu Hinamori, the heroine of Shugo Chara, has four heart's eggs! Little guardian characters are born from the heart's eggs - and Amu is able to "character transform" with each of her guardian characters. One of her transformations is Amulet Heart.

For Halloween 2009, I made a child-sized Amulet Heart costume for my daughter. She loved it! It was an easy costume to make. I modified a child's cheerleader costume pattern by adding ruffles and making the pleated skirt two layers. The costume is made out of 100% cotton, so it's very easy to work with and is machine washable/dryable. Yay for easy care fabrics! ^_^

Then in February/March 2010, I made an adult-sized Amulet Heart costume for myself. Again, I modified a cheerleader costume pattern.

For more detailed construction notes and work-in-progress pictures, see the following Live Journal entries:

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2. adult-sized costume, top
3. adult-sized costume, skirt
4. adult-sized costume, legwarmers and armbands

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Double Amulet Heart Fun:

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