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This is just a personal photo album/scrapbook of the anime conventions that I have attended in the past. I guess you could call this a collection of my convention reports.

My Convention Schedule:

Attending an anime convention, especially one that's not local, can be expensive. There's the cost of transportation, food, and lodging. Not to mention all the stuff you end up buying in the dealer's room! So I really only go to 2 of the conventions in California: Fanime (local, San Jose, CA) and SacAnime (local, Sacramento, CA).

My Convention Reports:

Anime Expo 2003 Convention Report

Anime Expo 2003 Convention Photos - Thursday
Anime Expo 2003 Convention Photos - Friday
Anime Expo 2003 Convention Photos - Saturday
Anime Expo 2003 Convention Photos - Sunday

SacAnime Summer 2005 Convention Report

Ani-Magic 2005 Convention Report

Fanime 2008 Convention Report - No Pictures
Fanime 2008 Convention Report - With Pictures

SacAnime Summer 2008 Convention Report

Fanime 2009 Convention Report

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