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Cosplay CG

Here are the costumes that I have completed. Sadly, I don't have very many. Some of the cosplayers I admire have tens of costumes! Oh well, give me some time. I'll catch up! ^_~

Please click on the thumbnails below to for descriptions and photos of the costume.

Newer costumes are listed first. Older costumes are at the bottom.

Amulet Heart thumbnail Hinata thumbnail
Princess Mercury thumbnail Princess Chibi-Usa thumbnail Toad Sage thumbnail Kurenai thumbnail
Hinata thumbnail Naruto thumbnail Coco thumbnail Princess Saturn thumbnail
Sakura Shinguji thumbnail Coco thumbnail Tenten thumbnail Asuka Soryu-Langley thumbnail
Relena Peacecraft thumbnail Galaxy Police thumbnail Sakura Kinomoto thumbnail Hikaru Shidou thumbnail
Miaka Yuuki thumbnail Hikaru Shidou thumbnail Fuu Hououji thumbnail Rinoa Heartily thumbnail

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