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Art Gallery

I've been drawing on and off since I was a kid. My very first fanart (I think) was a drawing of Saint Seiya; I was 11 years old. It was really, really bad. Some of my subsequent drawings were pretty bad, too. I'll never post any of my artwork from when I was a newbie artist. It would traumatize me. But I did get better! My recent art is actually decent!

Welcome to my art gallery. Here you will find original art, cosplay art, and fanart.

Cosplay Art

I actually got the idea for cosplay art from American Cosplay Paradise and from Ray Ogamio Home Page. Both websites have what I call cosplay art. Basically fanart of different people who are cosplaying. To learn more about cosplay, visit my cosplay page.

Cosplay CG

Cosplay CG are just computer-editted cosplay photos. You can find my cosplay CG images on my cosplay page.

Original Art

Technically my mascot should be here, too; it is original art. But I thought it would be cool to have a separate page for my mascot. You can find images of my mascot here.

Fanart Art

My fanart is based on a variety of different sources: anime, books, and movies.

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