Cosplay Art: Relena Peacecraft as the Rose Bride, inspired by Eternity in His Hand

Title: Relena, Rose Bride
Date: July 25, 2003
Time to complete: approximately 5 hours
Medium: pencil and pen, scanned and colored in Photoshop
Inspiration: Eternity In His Hand - a wonderful fanfic by Goldberry. The fanfic is a Gundam Wing/Utena crossover. It's very well written; one of my favorites. I recommend it to all Gundam Wing fans! You can read it on or
Notes: This is the first fanart I've drawn over 8 months. I feel rusty - I really don't like the way the hands turned out. Ugh! I may change the background in the future. For now, I just used Photoshop's cloud filter. Quick and easy! ^_~

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