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About Me

If you're here, then you must want to know more about me. How cool! Here are a few basic facts.

My baby in her crib

Candid photo #1:

My baby - who is (in my admittedly biased opinion) the best baby in the world. Isn't she cute?

Shawny and Baby

Candid photo #2:

Here I am with my baby. This is what I look like, in my native environment. I'm kind of a mess. But I've been told it's normal for new motherhood.

Last Updated: September 1, 2004
Name: Shawny Duong
Maiden Name: Shawny Wong - I usually use my maiden name when I go online, so I can keep my old email addresses!
Age: 27
Height: 5'7" - I'm pretty tall for an Aisian girl!
Current Status: New Mom!
Occupation: ex-Engineer, full-time mother
Alma Mater: University of California Davis
Location: California (North)
Zodiac Animal: Dragon
Favorite Anime: Gundam Wing, His and Her Circumstances, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakushou, DNA^2, Fruits Basket, Naruto, and a bunch of other stuff. If it's anime, I'm probably going to like it! ^_~
Loves: Husband and Baby - they complete me
Likes: eating, pasta, BBQ, sushi, Vienamese noodle soups, dim sum, cookies, iced tea, anime, reading, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR), anime conventions - Hmm... Notice how many of my likes involve food? *sweatdrop*
Dislikes: hot and humid weather, wet and frosty weather, radio commercials, so called "real" TV (Survivor, Temptation Island - I am proud to say I've never seen a single episode!), plagiarism
Hobbies: You probably know this already. After all, Dragon Illusions is dedicated to all my hobbies! Anime, cosplay, drawing, writing, dancing, web design, and Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) - the coolest Playstation game ever!
Pet Peeves: People who mix up and misuse homophones. People who write in so called "Computer English" (sez, ur, frenz, etc). I'm good at English, so people who don't use the English language properly really, really annoy me! Go here for a set of writing tips that I really agree with!

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